CCC Code of Conduct

Carolina Carriage Club was started by a group of friends to promote and encourage carriage driving in Western North and South Carolina.  The mission of the club is promoting safety in and enjoyment of carriage driving. 

This is your club and it is up to each individual to ensure that it continues to provide fellowship and learning to others with an interest in carriage driving.  To that means, the following rules have been established and approved:  In absence of other rules, American Driving Society rules will apply.

1. Personal Conduct

1a.     All members must make sure that their personal conduct is of the highest standard at any club function or with other club members.  Club members should never cause distress, embarrassment or inconvenience to another person.  Obscene language and rowdy behavior will not be tolerated.  Any conduct that is disruptive or unlawful, or that may bring the Club into disrepute or could be an embarrassment is prohibited.
1b.      All minors must be monitored by a responsible adult at all times.
1c.      All members must treat their horses/ponies with respect, following accepted practices for good horsemanagement.  No abuse or neglect will be tolerated.
1d.     While representing CCC at any driving function, members must show respect, courtesy, appreciation and consideration of others at all times.
1e.     Property owners who invite us to use their land are to be thanked and all of their rules must be followed.  We should leave property in the same or better condition than we found it, i.e. leave no traces. 

2. Safety
2a.     Juniors are welcome at all club functions.  Juniors must wear a hard hat anytime in a vehicle and must not drive alone before the age of 14.
2b.      Safety is paramount to the enjoyment of carriage driving. It is the responsibility of each member to practice safety in respect to their own actions, setting a positive example for other members who may have fewer skills.  If anyone witnesses unsafe practices, they are to immediately inform the fellow member of the possible hazard in a nice, educational manner.  We all have much to learn and new drivers may make mistakes that we can prevent from being disasters.
2c.     All drivers should wear appropriate footwear, carry a whip and we require the use of helmets at all closed club functions.  Drivers who are using public roads must have a slow moving vehicle sign and low profile vehicles/turnouts are encouraged to use bike flags for greater visibility.
2d.     Drivers of pairs must have 2 adults on the vehicle during any club function or while on any club member’s property.  Drivers of a 4-in-hand must carry 2 navigators.
2e.     No stallions are allowed at closed club functions.  We are a club of mostly amateurs, from beginner to advanced but realize that a stallion can be disruptive or dangerous.  At open events like the Pleasure Show and HDT, stallions are allowed.
2f.     Make sure your animals are properly conditioned and turned out for each function.  Your harness and vehicle should be thoroughly inspected before each event. 
2g.     If your horse or pony is misbehaving or causing a disruption at a club function, in the interest of others, it is up to you to do the responsible thing and withdraw.
2h.     No dogs at club functions.  Most property owners have their own dogs and do not need additional dogs on the property.  Call ahead if you have any questions.  You are responsible for your animals at all times.
2i.     As a precaution, it is a good idea to bring a cell phone and a good whistle to aid rescuers in case of an accident.

3. Communication

The Carolina Carriage Club Digest is a vehicle to share information, discuss training methods, ask questions and provide support for each other.  Negative comments and slander will not be tolerated. 

Any abuse of these rules will not be tolerated.  If a member has abused one of these rules, it will be brought to the Board.  If found to be true, the Board will write a letter of sanction to the member.  If a second offence occurs, the Board will suspend the member from club activities for 2 months.  If a third offence occurs, the member will be expelled from club roll.  All offenses will be handled in closed Board meetings and will be confidential.